Announcement: United Youth Journalists enters partnership with CanopyLAB to host Journalism for Youth class

We are extremely pleased to announce that United Youth Journalists is now entering into a collaboration with CanopyLAB, a platform that hosts online classes for youth. United Youth Journalists will be hosting the Journalism for Youth class in partnership with CanopyLAB this July. If you are interested, you can check it out and register on the CanopyLAB website!


Over the past few months – since the birth of United Youth Journalists – we as an organization and as individual journalists have gone through many learning curves and we continue to learn and further develop ourselves daily. In three months, we have grown to the point of having more than 100 young people from all over the world participating as journalists and we have expanded our network to over 1200 people. While we continue to progress, we have gained invaluable experience and knowledge about what exactly it means to be a youth journalist. With this experience, we are excited to be presenting to you: Journalism for Youth.


CanopyLAB is an online platform for classes targeted at youth all over the world. Their aim is to “empower youth in their pursuit of knowledge, peace and a sustain­able future for all”, and we are delighted to be partnering up with them to continue in our shared target of spreading knowledge.

This Journalism for Youth class will provide the students with a place to hone and develop their journalism skills, whilst also allowing them to network with youth from many different countries all over the world! As well as that, it is being mentored by members of United Youth Journalists and taught by professional journalists. If you would like to participate in this class and join us on this incredible journey, register for the class now on the CanopyLAB website.

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